Founded in 1987, ELRM (La Route Moderne) has never stopped evolving in order to adapt to its customers’ needs. Present in the Public Works sector for 3 generations, the company first started with a fleet of one grader and has been growing ever since. The first years were marked by the need to make a place for oneself in an already very competitive Île-de-France region. ELRM quickly became a major player in rental with and without operator on a wide variety of sites (Public Works, Public Works, Green Spaces, Construction, Transport). Since that day, we have continued to grow by promoting good relationships with our customers, our internal teams, and our suppliers.
In the 2010s, the diversification and expansion of ELRM’s equipment base became a necessity in order to meet the growing demand of our customers. Aware of the importance of having a high-performance IT tool, we have also developed our own management tool, ELRMTP, which helps us to manage our business and is constantly evolving to keep pace with our strategic challenges. Sensitive to environmental issues and the importance of a quality-oriented organization, we have been SE+ certified (DLR label) since 2015. As part of a continuous improvement process, ELRM has subsequently sought to further develop its quality management and has obtained ISO9001 certification in 2021. Today, we are committed to environmental management and have been ISO14001 certified since March 2022.
Having reached a certain maturity in our activities, we are now keen to develop our network on a regional and national scale. To this end, we have acquired the company CHAMBAULT in GENNEVILLIERS (92) in May 2022.


Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work

Fully mobilized on the permanent improvement of our company, we set up a system of management of the quality allowing us to control the whole of the processes related to our activity. Our QHSSTE charter is intended for all ELRM’s interested parties (employees, suppliers, customers, etc.).


Our values

Quality: Capitalizing on our ISO 9001 certification, we ensure a quality management system for our company. Reliability: We ensure the reliability of our daily activities as well as our development projects (financial solidity; major short, medium and long term projects carried out each year). Reactivity: Our customers particularly appreciate our fast response time to incoming requests and the efficiency of our technical teams in case of breakdown. Respect for stakeholders: We make it a point of honour to respect our employees, our suppliers and our temporary workers. Respect for the environment: We strive to find eco-responsible alternatives in order to fully integrate ourselves in these issues that concern us all and are attentive to the lifeline of all our products. Respect for the safety of employees: As a fundamental value of ELRM, we provide safety training adapted to each employee and carry out periodic checks on the equipment.



We are specialized in the rental of public works and green space machines with or without operator. Our wide range of equipment includes Mini excavators on tracks and tires (from 0.8T to 8.5T), Excavators on tracks and tires (from 10T to 15T), Wheel loaders (from 300L to 1000L), Compact loaders on tracks, Dumpers (from 600L to 3000L), Tamdem compactors and Vibrating Monoball as well as small equipments (compressor, vibrating plate, rammer…).